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Leadership changes at CHS

The CHS Board of Directors has elected Jay D. Debertin as president and chief executive officer (CEO) of CHS. Debertin succeeds Carl Casale, who led CHS during record performance levels and expansi ...(continue reading)

The Benefits of Precision Agriculture

United Soybean Board

When it comes to technology and data available within the agricultural industry, there’s a large amount of choices these days. It’s impo ...(continue reading)

CHS reports fiscal 2017 second-quarter and first-half results

Earnings increase in second quarter on improved conditions across CHS wholesale and retail agricultural related businesses

ST. PAUL, MINN. (April 5, 2017) – CHS Inc., the nation’s lea ...(continue reading)

Advice for Growers in Today’s Economy

Many growers are turning to agronomists, ag retailers and other industry experts for advice about the best ways to strengthen their farming operations. Topics including soil health, seed selectio ...(continue reading)

5 Things to Know about Dicamba in 2017

United Soybean Board

The agriculture industry has been working hard to provide the most effective herbicides to help slow down and minimize the growing weed resi ...(continue reading)

5 Ways to Ensure Better Soybean Health

United Soybean Board

Although each crop has specific needs to be able to achieve their maximum economic yield, soybeans have earned themselves a reputation for b ...(continue reading)

Strategies to Ensure Soil Health

US Department of Agriculture

Soil consists of numerous working parts that when at balanced levels, make the perfect recipe to house and grow healthy crops. There ...(continue reading)

Celebrate National Ag Day on March 21

“Growing up in rural South Dakota, surrounded by farms and ranches as far as the eye could see, I never gave the food supply chain a second thought. It was intertwined in everything I did,” wri ...(continue reading)

5 Ways to Ensure the Best Stand


Uniform stand establishment is a critical component in achieving maximum yield potential. With unexpected weather and other uncontrol ...(continue reading)

CHS New Horizons Annual Meeting

The CHS New Horizons Annual Meeting will be

Wednesday 3/15 @ noon at the Herman Community Center

Lunch will be served at noon with the meeting to follow.



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