Pro Advantage


The CHS Pro Advantage contract allows producers to diversify their marketing while taking the emotion out of selling. It’s a way to take advantage of professional pricing for a portion of their crops using trading experts with a track record of success based on deep market intelligence – especially during times of volatile or low-priced commodity markets.

How does it work?

CHS Pro Advantage allows a grower of corn, soybeans or wheat to pledge a specific quantity of bushels for a producer-defined delivery destination. These bushels would be priced by the commodity professionals at CHS Hedging/Russell Consulting Group over a specific period of time.

The settlement price to the grower will be based on the performance of the futures and options hedges traded by our commodity professionals.

CHS Pro Advantage specifics

• Basis decision remains with the grower.

• Cost to the grower is $0.10 per bushel enrolled for the 2016 program and $0.12 for the 2017 program.

• There is no minimum for bushels.

• Bushels may be rolled forward as per the buyer’s policy. Same as an HTA.

• A price-out option is available to the grower at any time during the pricing period.

• Grower receives monthly email updates with marketing progress.

How can I participate?

Enrollment period for CHS Pro Advantage bushels is Nov. 1, 2015, through Dec. 23, 2015. With one and two-year sign-ups, growers can enroll 2016 as well as 2017 bushels.

Contact your New Horizons Grain merchant for more information.

You would still be 100% eligable for CHS divdend.

This communication is a solicitation and for informational purposes only. There is a risk of loss when engaging in these kinds of transactions.


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